Upgrading VMware Postgres

This topic describes how to upgrade VMware Postgres from a previous major version to v14.0.0.

VMware Postgres 14.0 supports the ability to upgrade from any prior VMware Postgres major version to 14.0.0. The steps rely on the open source Postgres pg_upgrade functionality.

Note: Customers using the PostGIS extension cannot upgrade to 14.0 unless they are on VMware Postgres 13.x.


  • Download the VMware Postgres Server RPM distribution from VMware Tanzu Network.
  • Any extensions installed on the older Postgres server must be manually added to the new release. Alternatively, remove them from the older Postgres cluster before starting the upgrade.
  • Confirm you have enough disk space to run pg_upgrade. The default pg_upgrade setting copies all data files from the old to the new server. Alternatively, review the --link option, that provides reduced upgrade time and disk space benefits but impacts the revert process. For more details see Reverting an old cluster. For a list of all the pg_upgrade options see Options in the pg_upgrade Open Source Postgres documentation.


  1. Start from step 3 in the Usage topic of the pg_upgrade Open Source Postgres documentation.

    Replace the commands in step 3, Install the new PostgreSQL binaries, with the following command that installs the new VMware Postgres binaries:

    $ cd ~/Downloads
    $ sudo yum install vmware-postgres14-14.0-0.el7.x86_64.rpm
  2. Follow the remaining steps as outlined in pg_upgrade.