VMware Postgres v12.5 Release Notes

Updated: Jan 13th, 2021

This document describes features, fixes, and known issues in VMware Postgres v12.5.

Software Component Versions

VMware Postgres Version Component Component Version
12.5.0 PostgreSQL 12.5
pgBackRest 2.28
Patroni 1.6.5
psqlODBC 11.00-0000
pgjdbc 42.2.16
PL/Java 1.5.5
PL/R 8.4.1
PostGIS 2.5.5
Orafce 3.13.0


  • VMware Postgres 12.5.0 updates the PostgreSQL database version to 12.5. Postgres version 12.5 fixes three important issues:

    • CVE-2020-25695: Multiple features escape “security restricted operation” sandbox
    • CVE-2020-25694: Reconnection can downgrade connection security settings
    • CVE-2020-25696: psql’s \gset allows overwriting specially treated variables

    Version 12.5 also includes numerous bug fixes and improvements, as highlighted in Security Issues.

Upgrading to VMware Postgres 12.5

See Installing or Upgrading VMware Postgres for information about the RPM package contents and upgrade instructions.