VMware Postgres v10.17 Release Notes

This document describes features, fixes, and known issues in VMware Postgres v10.17.0.

Software Component Versions

VMware Postgres Version Component Component Version
10.17.0 PostgreSQL 10.17
pgBackRest 2.31
pg_auto_failover 1.4.2
Clients psqlODBC 11.01-0000
pgjdbc 42.2.18
Extensions PL/Java 1.5.7
PL/R 8.4.1
Orafce 3.14
PostGIS with
geos (v3.8.1),
proj (v4.9.3), gdal (v2.4.4)


  • VMware Postgres 10.17.0 updates the PostgreSQL database version to 10.17. Postgres version 10.17 fixes three important issues:

    • CVE-2021-32027: Prevent integer overflows in array subscripting calculations
    • CVE-2021-32028: Fix mishandling of “junk” columns in INSERT … ON CONFLICT … UPDATE target lists
    • CVE-2021-32029: Fix possibly-incorrect computation of UPDATE … RETURNING outputs for joined cross-partition updates

    Version 10.17 also includes numerous bug fixes and improvements, as highlighted in Release Notes.

  • VMware Postgres 10.17.0 updates pg_auto_failover to 1.4.2.

  • VMware Postgres server and extensions are now a single download package. Postgres Clients and JDBC driver have merged into a single download. See VMware Postgres Tanzu Network downloads.

Upgrading to VMware Postgres 10.17

See Installing or Upgrading VMware Postgres for information about the RPM package contents and upgrade instructions.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • 884 - pg_auto_failover does not support extra table spaces.
  • You cannot install VMware Postgres alongside an existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux PostgreSQL installation.
  • VMware does not support using the deprecated XML2 module.
  • All software components in this release, including the client ODBC and JDBC drivers, are supported only on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 7 and CentOS 7 systems.